Ogden turns to ‘heavyweights’ as RTGS seeks to break ‘global liquidity conundrum’

RTGS Global, the latest venture of Nick Ogden, the enterprise founder of WorldPay and Clearbank has unveiled the first names of its ‘heavyweight board’, helping the company launch ‘stage-1’ of its global network within the coming weeks.  

Ogden founded RTGS in 2019, declaring its mission statement to deliver the most comprehensive technology providing instant ‘cross border liquidity’, facilitating and improving the transparency of all processes related to large-scale international transactions and validities.

RTGS is led by Ogden as Chief Executive, and the enterprise team of former Clearbank technology lead Andrew Smith (CTO) and ex VISA Emerging Markets VP Gordon Cooper (COO)

Joining RTGS as corporate advisors are Phil Kenworthy the former CEO of CHAPS Clearing Company alongside financial services regulatory expert Dr Ruth Wandhöfer – the former group regulatory VP for Citi Bank and governance advisor of the London Stock Exchange.

Confirming Kenworthy and Dr Wandhöfer as first corporate advisors, RTGS stated that the executives would provide vital guidance on how the company will establish and maintain a cross-border financial technology facilitating mass scale remittance transactions satisfying the conditions of multiple regulatory bodies and agencies.

In the statement, Ogden underlined that 2020 events, had showcased the need for financial institutions, Fintechs and technology stakeholders to collaborate and reduce cross border liquidity frictions – a technology issue costing international business billions per year in unnecessary transactional expenses and operational resources.

Nick Ogden, CEO and founder, RTGS Global, says: “Today’s market is witnessing the global ramifications of the Covid-19 pandemic. Prior to this event the FSB and CPMI in their response to the G20, had highlighted that the global financial services industry required new, technology-driven solutions that make interbank liquidity auditable and visible. In doing so every financial transaction can be made based on fact.

“The RTGS.global network was specifically designed to deliver the global solution to liquidity visibility. I am delighted to work with our highly experienced advisory board who are focused on assisting with developing the capabilities of our technology in our ongoing discussions with commercial banks and regulators around the world.”