The Bancorp unveils new collaboration with ACI Worldwide

The Bancorp has announced ACI Worldwide as its latest client to enable real-time1 payments delivery for corporate disbursements.

The firm will offer faster and more efficient payment experiences to its corporate customers.

Matt Carberry, Executive Vice President, Head of Payment Acceptance commented: “The surge in demand for payments that are faster, less expensive and more accessible has created an opportunity that The Bancorp is fulfilling with forward-thinking technology. 

“With support from Visa, and through partners such as ACI Worldwide, our Direct Rapid Funds platform enables access to cutting-edge payments solutions for businesses of all sizes through an intuitive and customisable platform.”

The firm will capitalise on push-to-card payments technology— Direct Rapid Funds platform—developed by The Bancorp and, enabled by Visa Direct, Visa’s real-time payments solution.

The Bancorp currently facilitates more than 35 million faster payment transactions each month.

Sanjay Gupta, Executive Vice President, ACI Worldwide added: “Today’s businesses expect fast, easy and secure ways to pay. As a leading developer of real-time payments and bill payment solutions, we continue to meet these evolving expectations and advance the market. And through our work with The Bancorp, we deliver businesses a transformational payment experience.”

Mike West, Vice President of Business and Government Disbursements, Visa concluded: “We’re excited to work with The Bancorp to build out a real-time payments platform for ACI Worldwide through the use of Visa Direct.

“Together, we are meeting the needs of businesses today for secure, easy and fast ways to pay by providing access to a platform that brings a cutting-edge and reimagined payments experience.”