Trulioo has announced that its GlobalGateway platform will elevate the KYC and AML capabilities of gaming operators, allowing them to instantly verify the age and identity of players online from more than 100 countries. 

The platform, which will be showcased at this year’s ICE London Conference from 4-6 February, builds on the Identity and business verification provider’s status as a leader within the sector. 

Kim Hong, SVP of marketing at Trulioo commented: “Trulioo currently provides identity verification services to numerous gaming operators around the world.

“We’ve received quite a bit of interest from gaming operators in Europe and beyond in the last 12 months, and we realise how important it is to be at ICE London to meet with customers and industry leaders and learn more about the challenges faced by the gaming industry.

“The gaming sector is characterised by the deep and long-lasting relationships that people forge within the industry, and events such as ICE London are a key part of this. 

“For all of the change and innovation that we have witnessed over recent years, this remains a sector that is built on trust and friendships between people. We’re really looking forward to catching up with old friends and colleagues and meeting new people at the same time.”

Hong continued: “Our primary objective at ICE London is to present Trulioo as the identity verification industry leader that we are.  For gaming operators that want to expand their operations, we simplify their compliance and fraud prevention processes.  

“While Trulioo may be relative newcomers to the gaming scene in Europe, we believe we have a powerful and effective identity verification solution that can compete and win against some of the more established or incumbent providers. 

“We offer an unmatched marketplace for identity data and services — wherever a player is from, we can verify and authenticate them online. That means improved player acquisition, fraud prevention and user experience all through one API and one contract.”

“While operators look to innovation to drive growth and market share in this online environment, they must ensure that they are able to protect their customers and themselves.  It’s therefore vital that they can verify the identity and age of people wanting to use their online services, just as they would do at a casino.  

“Therefore, our objective at ICE London is to meet and demo our solution to as many people within the industry as possible, particularly senior risk and compliance directors within operators. We want to give operators the chance to test our solution and get an understanding of the operational efficiencies it can drive across multiple business units.”