Bryan Blake, Hexopay: ‘Reputable and trusted’ APMs vital to success

As more and more alternative payment methods (APMs) become available to the market, some would argue it’s becoming harder than ever to sieve out the best options.

Bryan Blake (CEO, Hexopay) discusses the subject of APMs and the importance of making the right decisions when creating payment partnerships.

In terms of player acquisition, how vital is it to offer correct payment method(s)? 

Alternative Payment Methods are very important when it comes to player acquisition, providing consumers with choice and convenience.

This is certainly the case for operators active in multiple markets as different consumers will favour different APMs in each. 

If operators want to appeal to as many different player types as possible and really make the most of a market, they need to offer a good range of APMs. 

Do you feel APMs are matter of quantity over quality or vice versa? 

No, for me, it is absolutely about the quality of the APMs being offered and not the quantity.

This is for several reasons – too much choice is bad for the user experience and often leads to consumer abandonment. 

Operators need to offer reputable and trusted APMs that their target audience are confident using, so it is important to be selective in this regard.

So what makes Hexopay’s offering unique in comparison to other industry incumbents?

We focus on what consumers like, want and actively seek.

We ensure we have the widest range of quality payment solutions available for merchants to take payments and also advise on how to create a user-friendly payment journey while also providing significant market knowledge. 

We also pride ourselves on how quickly we can integrate new solutions, and the speed at which we can provide a route to their target markets.

What do you look for when seeking potential payment partnerships?

Hexopay looks for stable, reputable, licensed institutions which provide payment methods for in and out in-country, local currency and delivered in a safe reliable manner. 

We look for solutions that keep us relevant but at the same time look for proactive partners to work with us on emerging markets and new solutions to maximise our relationship.

Moving forward then, what’s ahead in 2020 for Hexopay

We’ve stayed close to what is happening Stateside and will certainly be active in this market in 2020. We are set to launch with specific licensed solutions, adding real value not only for merchants but consumers alike.