Mo’ Money Mo’ Payments: Sveta Bulshtein, Credorax

Whether you’re trying to become the next Jay-Z, the next Katy Perry or you just pop the radio and singalong, music is undeniably a vital aspect to society – as are payments.

So we here at Payment Expert decided to reach out to industry figures to see what music means to them and hopefully help everyone “learn to treat life to the best, put stress to rest.”


This week Sveta Bulshtein (VP of sales & business development, Credorax) takes us global with her choices and reveals what Enrique Iglesias track gets the party going – and it’s not ‘Hero’!

PE: You’re entering a packed arena, what song blasts out? 

There’s something about this song which energises me and gives me the confidence to achieve anything I put my mind to.

Alicia Key’s voice is truly one of a kind, it’s incredible how hearing a song, a voice can change your mood at any given time.

PE: What one song gets you in the mood for a boogie? 

I like the Latin-style vibe, it’s upbeat, gets you moving and nobody can be unhappy hearing some of Enrique!

When I was young I also used to dance competitively, so listening to it brings back those memories for me as Latin music is perfect for dancing.

PE: What song would you consider a guilty pleasure?

I don’t usually listen to Italian music, however this artist in particular is special for me.

My dad used to play and sing songs by Adriano, so hearing any song by him always takes me back to those times.

PE: What typifies your lazy Sunday? 

Personally, I’m a big advocate for starting anyday with some chillout music, it sets you in the right frame of mind!

To be honest, with this choice, any Enigma song will do the trick for me!

PE: What song reminds you of your childhood? 

There aren’t many songs out there that I know gets people up and singing from the moment you hear the first part of the track.

When I hear this it reminds me of dancing and jumping around with my friends at home – those were the days!

PE: And finally, what’s your go to karaoke song?  Don’t worry… we won’t be asking for a recording! 

When my younger brother started playing the guitar this was one of the first songs he learned, so we use to play it and sing together.

From that moment on, this has always been my Karaoke song!